How to Write a Perfect English Essay

Today, education became key point of success in any field. Students from different countries aim to gain degree to build successful professional career. Although this way is long and stressful, scholars face numerous hurdles and thought “how to write my essay?” don’t leave their heads before they reach their goal. Some of such difficulties are various written assignments.

Paper writing is integral part of learning process. Many people don’t know how to write an English essay and find this task difficult because it requires long preparation, research, strong set of skills, and good knowledge of chosen topic. Students are wondering how to write a good English essay, to find answer on this question let’s try to understand purpose of such tasks.

What is Essay

What is English essay? This is short text with certain structure in which you talk about specific topic and express your opinion regarding it. Such tasks are assigned to help scholars improve their writing skills, see how well they writingessayknow studied material, find out their opinion on specific theme, etc.

Essays shouldn’t be long. Usually, such paper is 1 or 2 pages. This way such paper helps students to learn how to give answers on questions or disclose given topic and make it short.


Some signs of essay:

• Presence of particular subject or issue, such assignment can’t be devoted to wide range of problems.
• This work can’t be judged according to “accuracy of answer” because such kind of work should express personal experiences and views on specific issue or problem.
• This task suggests new, subjective thoughts about anything. It can have philosophical, historical, biographical, journalistic, literary criticism, popular scientific or purely fictional character.
• Such work intents to evaluate author’s identity – his outlook, thoughts and feelings.

What Types of Essays Exist

This genre has become popular in recent years. Today essay is assigned to kids at school, college, university, etc; also, it is one of the main components of documents package for admission to employment or educational institution. Paper contest helps to choose from variety of good candidates the best one!

There are different types of essays that exist today. All of them have same structure, which can confuse scholars because there is one difference between them, namely, it is writer’s goal.

This kind of essay asks writer to tell real-life story. Such work should describe particular event or period of student’s life, problems and issues that he faced, and tell how he resolved this situation. This kind of paper is assigned on contests, at school or college, and when person is applying for job, because it helps to discover author’s personality.

Descriptive essay’s purpose is to describe some subject, event, person, etc. It sounds like easy task, but it’s not as simple; descriptive paper aims to teach students how to use beauty of their language. Task is not to describe something in words, but to show pictures of it by turning to reader’s emotions and memory.

This type of essay is more informative than others. To write such paper author should research given topic and present it to reader by using facts, statistics, analysis and examples. Such work can be faced at the university because this is more challenging task; it requires to present facts instead of personal points of view.

In persuasive essay writer defines certain issue and provides arguments to convince reader to accept his point of view. In such work author should present valuable facts, provide at least one example, include expert opinion, etc.

How to Write Good Essay in English

Purpose of essays is to develop skills such as creative thinking and independent written statement of your own thoughts.

Writing essays is useful, it allows author to learn how to formulate his thoughts clearly and correctly, organize information, use basic concepts, highlight causal relationships, illustrate experience by relevant examples, substantiate his findings, etc. If you need to learn how to write English essay stick to following rules:

Follow right structure. Once you are assigned to write paper, determine what type of essay it is and build step-by-step detailed plan before you start writing.

Try to use simple language. This is important nuance of any assignment, your work should be readable and easy to understand; of course, if your topic requires usage of certain terminology – don’t avoid it, but also don’t use it much in your text.

Cite sources. Usually, essays require from students to use at least 3 sources of information, this is not strict rule and you can use more, but don’t forget to mention every resource in your bibliography to avoid plagiarism.

If you are providing facts or expert opinions in your essay make sure you are using data from reliable sources.

Common Mistakes

If you are asking yourself how to write essay in English, one of points to take into account are common mistakes that you should avoid during writing your paper. Here are some of these mistakes:

Bad check
Don’t think that after your essay is done all you need to do is to check spelling and grammar; re-read your essay and make sure that there aren’t any ambiguous expressions, plagiarized text, wrong punctuation, etc.

Tedious introduction, not enough details
Sometimes interesting works can earn bad grade just because they didn’t present enough details and examples. Good essay should include both interesting introduction and informative body text; you shouldn’t avoid one of these points.

Essays are limited to certain number of words, so you need to make usage of given space reasonable. Sometimes it means giving up some ideas or details, especially if they have already been mentioned somewhere or are not directly related to the case because such things distract reader’s attention and overshadow the main theme of the essay.

Now you know how to write an A level English literature essay. To make this theoretical knowledge useful try to follow our tips when you are writing your paper, you can find examples of essays and read them.

If you desire to learn more about how to write an essay in English, consider reading other articles or turn to our custom writing services.

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