How to Conduct Effective Research for Essay

Essay is academic writing paper that reflects author’s opinion. This kind of work requires some research, but student must build his own point of view based on this research instead of using someone’s ideas. Many pupils get confused because they don’t understand how academic opinion and personal opinion are different, and which one should be presented in their essay. If you want to write high-quality work, try to understand this difference. Good essay should present different facts, example or two, and several expert opinions, but, based on this information, you must represent your personal opinion and provide arguments to prove it.laptop

There are different kinds of essays. Research essay is one of most common ones. People face such work at high school, college, graduate school, etc., if you are scholar or student you will need to write it at some point of your studies. Not just English speaking countries assign essays. Over past few years such tasks became popular in many other countries, including India, Russia, Europe, etc., this work is good practice in education and can be applied to any discipline whether it’s law, MBA, or other. Lots of frustration can be caused by such assignment if you have never done such paper before, if you want to learn how to write a research essay use these simple tips to save your time and nerves.

What is research essay

Unlike other research works, research essay is not report on found information. Many students believe that their teacher wants to see summary or simple analysis of what they’ve read, and as result receive essay that tells readers all about chosen topic. This is not the purpose of research essay. Conversely research essay is intended to allow students to answer research questions, prove or refute certain argument related to this study.

Key point to successful work is well-formulated research question. Here are some helpful ideas that will help you to develop proper question:

•Narrow your topic, you’ll need to highlight the most important aspects because essay is supposed to be short.
• Find what discoveries were done before, what is known about your area and write about aspects that are unclear or require further studies.
• Write several samples. If student tries to disclose many questions his essay will be long.
• Select one of these questions that you are going to investigate, make sure that your question is simple and understandable.

Choosing topic

If you have chance to choose topic – use it! Sometimes teachers can give you list of possible topics to choose from, if you have opportunity to decide about what you want to write choose something you are interested in and familiar. This is your first step to start working on essay; to make it simple and protect yourself from future misunderstandings with your teacher or unwanted headache follow these two simple rules:

•Stick to guidelines. If you can choose topic but you were given specific theme select something related to it.
• Don’t take topic that is unfamiliar to you or complicated, this will give you more confusion and stress.

Find resources

It’s good decision to search for information and find sources before you start writing. If you do this, you can avoid lack of information regarding your topic and can be confident that you have everything you need to write qualitative essay. This step will also help you to build plan of your work. Try to add more details; this will make writing process easier. If you don’t know how to research for an essay, try to look for information in books, academic journals, encyclopedias, etc. Try not to use unreliable sources because information there can be outdated; if what you’ve found is not enough arrange some interviews and ask for opinion of people who are expert of your field of studies or you can use custom essay writing.

Take notes

It is very important point for your work. While doing your investigation write down all interesting facts, questions, your personal ideas, etc., if you do this, later it will be easier to organize found data and use it in your paper. Also, write down where you have found information, this will help you to cite your essay.

Ask for advice of your teacher

This is good solution to all issues that you may face during essay writing, here your professor is your friend who knows how to write research essay and can give you helpful comments or ideas. You can also discuss your topic with teacher to understand whether he or she approves it, don’t ask to give you topic because this way you risk to be admitted lazy or incompetent. You also can use help from essay writing services.

How to write a research essay paper

When you created your topic, did some research and feel ready to start writing break your work into subparagraphs, this way it’ll be easier to complete your paper and present your ideas. Create brief plan of your future essay to understand in what sequence you want to present information to readers.

It’s important to follow right format. Research papers must be written using specific style. Usually, your professor or teacher should specify what format you must use; the most common styles are MLA (Modern Language Association) and APA (American Psychological Association) but different disciplines can have different requirements. Follow style guidelines to make sure that your work has correctly formatted quote passages, title page, list of references, etc., otherwise, your work can be not accepted by teacher or score bad grade. If you aren’t sure how to format your work, turn to consulting service. Today, there are many of such services that can help you with formatting and citing your work, you can also turn to your teacher for advice or research it yourself.

Finishing touches

Once your paper is written there are just few more things to look at. This step will require spending few more hours; after you do this you can be confident that your research work is flawless.

•Create eye-catching title for your paper.
• Read your text few more times to see if everything is easy to understand, every section has clear focus, every paragraph discloses its idea fully, etc., if you find any mistakes revise your text and fix them.
• Check your work for plagiarism, format and grammar mistakes.

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