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What are main components of a great paper? That would be strong introduction and conclusion, compelling arguments, fresh insights coming from extensive research, polished words and appropriate format. And all this is topped with an on-time delivery and creative approach. And who is responsible for all these components? – Right, the author of the text!

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Here is how one becomes an essay writer at Essay Samurai:

  1. Writer has to demonstrate his diplomas and certificates

We are looking only for the best essay writers to handle your assignments, that is why our headhunters specifically narrow their search to top 150 universities or colleges in writer’s country. The writer sends us scanned copies of his documents and we carefully verify their authenticity through government education records.

  1. Writer submits references or recommendations

After we’ve verified the writer’s educational certificates, we will ask him to submit a couple of recommendations or references from his or her university. It’s important for us to know that writer’s professors believe in his ability to deliver qualified academic assistance in the particular topic that he majors in.

  1. Writer must be an active player in his field

We then run our own background check on the writer, looking into how far he’d gone in his field and exploring his professional input. Our goal is to find people who actively publish papers and articles in their topics, participate in conferences and use other tools to effectively communicate with others.

  1. Writer delivers two trial papers

Once the first part of the selection process is over, we give writer limited access to our essay writer service where he or she picks up to ten topics he feels he is most proficient in. He is then given to write two sample projects that are graded by our affiliated college professors (must be from college other than the writer attended). That’s how we know that this online essay writer has been appropriately assessed by real professors.

  1. Writer is able to place bids on our customer orders

If the writer’s sample papers passed with flying colors, he then get a full profile on EssaySamurai.com. He is able to review all incoming orders in his topics and place his offers to the customers. We supervise every new writer during his first orders to make sure that clients are satisfied with their interactions.

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You know now that we have the most demanding requirements to our writers. But we also have the friendliest system that guarantees that professional essay writers want work with Essay Samurai just as much as real students want to order essays here.

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