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There are so many pointless things people do in life: buy 56 pairs of jeans, fall in love with the wrong person, keep pushing remote buttons like it’s going to bring the batteries back to life, write over 200 essays while in college. Wait, what? Two hundred essays? Exactly! An average college or university major call for around 60 written assignments to be completed per year. Taking into account a medium class size, that is like thousands and thousands of paper pages covered in academic writing that are then thrown away by teachers on a monthly basis.

Do you really want to be that hamster in the spinning wheel spending hours and days on the work that will be thrown away the next week after it’s completed? Academic paper writing is the most popular way to grade student’s performance in class since educational system hasn’t invented any worthy substitutions. But it doesn’t mean that you should waste your time on something that doesn’t serve your personal goals, makes you happy or brings you pleasure.

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Let us introduce ourselves: Essay Samurai are a team of freelance academic writing professionals, who share their free time helping English-speaking students around the world write good essays. You might not know us, but we have more in common than you think:

You are looking for academic writing help – We specialize in writing essays, research papers, case studies and other kinds of educational materials

You want to find someone you can trust – We are ready to reveal our author database for you to see exactly who you will be working with

You are short of time – We have a lot of experience writing essays in over 250 topics, so we can do it very fast

You don’t want to be ripped off – We deliver you flexible pricing policy and lots of free additional services to go with your essay

So now you know that we have the same values and goals, and they are to bring you a well researched, beautifully written and perfectly formatted academic essay writing that will guarantee you the grade you want and not cost you a fortune. We don’t want you to just give us a try – we want you to come back every time you are tight with time and need academic writing service to help you out. That’s the kind of work our writers deliver every time they get an order.


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Essay Samurai’s mission is simple: deliver impeccable projects that can be considered the golden standard of academic writing. Believe it or not, there are people who enjoy writing and they are specifically targeted and recruited by

Essay Samurai way of delivering academic writing services:

  1. We are always listening to the customer

The reason our writers collaborate with is because they like writing. That’s why they like to get to know your project, research the matter in depth and deliver you an authentic and original piece of work.

  1. We are thorough

Typos? Mistakes? Wrong references formatting? We have a whole team of assistant samurai in order not to let that happen! Our writing is so clean you won’t believe it was a human being who created it.

  1. We observe confidentiality

We don’t need to know who you are in order to process your order. All we need to know is your topic, subject and any additional requirements your teacher gave in class. Just enter a working email to get started – that’s all!

  1. We charge reasonable fees

Because we have a large network of freelance writers, we are able to offer competitive rates for all academic projects. We don’t charge upfront fees and accept corrections if you think the writer misunderstood your essay brief.

  1. We don’t avoid difficult jobs

Medical? Legal? History? Neuroscience? – Piece of cake, bring it on! We have specialists with MA and PhD diplomas in all these subjects and don’t try to charge you double for them.

The only thing Essay Samurai value more than having an opportunity to write papers in topics that excite them the most, is their reputation. To put it in a nutshell – we will do whatever it takes to satisfy your requirements.

You get what you deserve – we know that you deserve the best essay your teacher will be proud of. Are you ready to see how your academic life can turn out having a reliable writing helper by your side? Then buckle up and order today – because tomorrow you can already spend more time with friends and significantly improve your grades.